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SUPPLIER DIVERSITY and Subcontracting

GANDA understands the challenges faced by diverse suppliers to 'get their foot in the door' and is always seeking opportunities to utilize and support diverse subcontractors and suppliers in the work we do. We seek meaningful collaboration with diverse suppliers in areas that either complement or supplement our own capabilities on federal, state and utility client projects. We accomplish this in a number of ways: a) including diverse suppliers as team members on on-call projects, b) inviting diverse suppliers to participate in subcontractor bid opportunities, with particular attention/weighting paid to diverse suppliers, and c) adding diverse suppliers to existing contracts and on-calls to provide specified services or scope of work. In addition to providing opportunities to work on contracts, GANDA also assists, as needed, diverse suppliers in understanding the nuances associated with bidding on, and winning work with agencies and utilities to enable them to increase their access and success.

For more information on how to be considered as a subcontractor with GANDA, please contact subcontracting@garciaandassociates.com, with "Diverse Supplier Subcontracting" in the Subject field of the email. As part of your submittal, a brief description of your services, geographic area of coverage, and MWDVBE certifications is strongly encouraged.